7 Reasons Why


Green Deen book.jpg

Reason no. 1

The Green Deen written by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, introduced me to the protection of the environment in Islam, a topic that requires attention and is often neglected. 


reason no. 2

To showcase sustainable businesses that are thinking about their services and products holistically. 

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Reason no. 3

Summer of 2013 - Textile trash dispersed all over the streets of Osmanbey, Turkey created 


Reason no. 4

The belief that design is holistic, embracing all disciplines to create what is mindful of our surroundings and the people that inhabit it. 

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Reason no. 5

An ER doctor discussing the several cases that came through the ER doors from opioid overdose, obesity, and domestic violence, that can not be treated by doctors alone but by improving the wellbeing of the built environment. Its crucial to have cross-disciplinary discussions to resolve the issues of urban blight. 


Reason no. 6

To debunk the myths of greenwashing.