Coffee and Sustainabili-tea

Whether you prefer coffee or tea, there are great shops to enjoy in Philadelphia that keep the environment in mind. My friend and I spent a day hopping from coffee shop to tea shop to check out places you can visit. These coffee shops are passionate about their coffee and their commitment to sustainable practices.

Volo Coffee House: Manayunk

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 6.15.22 PM.png

Our first stop was Volo Coffeehouse, located along a long line of shops and restaurants on Manayunk’s Main Street. This coffee shop has a quirky, industrial feel. Its decor features a Shakespeare-inspired triptych designed by Jeremy Eric Tenenbaum. I brought my reusable cup with me and they kindly poured my latte order in it. By bringing my own cup, I got the coffee for the price of a small drink.

The Night Kitchen: Germantown Ave.

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The Night Kitchen is a 3-star Certified Green Restaurant located on the cozy and quaint Germantown Ave. The certification means they have tracked their environmental impact by calculating their energy, food, water, and waste consumption to meet standards set by the Green Restaurant Association. Their sustainable practices include using efficient appliances, collecting water for flower beds, recycling, and sourcing local ingredients from Lancaster Farm Fresh. They also commit to supporting their community through membership in Fair Food Philly and donations to a nearby soup kitchen. Not only do they have delicious coffee and tea, but they’re also a place I enjoy exquisite cakes from — my favorite is the chocolate praline.

Elixir Coffeeshop/Sydenham St. 

My last name, Moushmoush, means apricots, so basically any menu item that contains apricots captures my heart. And the apricot pie and the matcha drink at Elixr (pictured above) were amazing. Other amazing things about Elixr include their nice manager Tom, who talked to me about the sustainable reclaimed materials they use, from their old marble countertops to their bowling alley floors. Near the bar is a mural art wall that gets a paint job every six weeks by local Philadelphia artists. When you order your drink, your name will be written with chalk on your mug. All their coffee is also sourced ethically from small farms in South America.

The Random Tea Room: North 4th St. 

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Tea shots anyone? The Random Tea Room is like stepping into Alice in Wonderland with a warm welcome from the barista. There were two freshly brewed drinks the day I went. The first is brewed every morning: Chai Masala, which mixes various spices and is made with love. The other drink was called Cocco Makshika, which is a traditional Mexican hot chocolate drink that literally tastes like drinking a bar of chocolate. One wall features art from local artists and changes every few weeks. The wall currently displays a mug show from ceramic artists. If you’re a mug collector, drop by to buy one for your collection. Across from the mug show are tubes of healing potions and much more for the curious soul.
If you get the chance to visit these amazing local coffee or tea shops, tag us in your social media posts. If you are part of a community, be sure to check in on your MilkCrate app to earn points. Each coffee shop has a unique flair that will make you want to go back again and again. Whether you’re looking to study, hang out with friends, or enjoy a cup of happiness, these places will help you do so in sustainable style.