Navy Yard: Insignificant Scraps

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The land sinking in underneath my feet
As I explore the complexity that is hidden
Beneath the simplicity of rhythm
My conflicting thoughts hold me down
But as I look deeper into the earth
The sky reflects itself upon the puddle
That has been set for me reminding me to look up
Then comes the sweeping winter wind
And the light playing a drum resonated in shadows
Directs my attention to the ships emerging from the rivers prism
Is it the sense of solitude or the presence of my surroundings that
Rejuvenates me
Once again underneath my feet lies ambition
Found at the end of the sequestered train tracks
There lies a graceful anomaly to the
Hidden hues and insignificant scraps
Ready to be released from the shackles of denial to the
Wanders of the unknown
The mysterious path awaits what once was
We will be revived, we will be rejoiced

All lined up  :  Repetition

All lined up: Repetition

Gateway:  Entrance of Navy Yard 

Gateway: Entrance of Navy Yard 

Insignificant Scraps:  the large battleship scale juxtaposed with the color pink 

Insignificant Scraps: the large battleship scale juxtaposed with the color pink 

Unfiltered Beauty:  The Delaware River waterfront

Unfiltered Beauty: The Delaware River waterfront

Ghost Town:  No man's land

Ghost Town: No man's land

Industrial Ruins:  Aging buildings revealing history

Industrial Ruins: Aging buildings revealing history

Modern context:  Future of Navy Yard

Modern context: Future of Navy Yard

Sequestered train tracks:  Once had a purpose

Sequestered train tracks: Once had a purpose

Neglected Trash:  Bruise of the water 

Neglected Trash: Bruise of the water 

Watercolor:  taught myself a new art medium to portray our potential to the potential of the site. 

Watercolor: taught myself a new art medium to portray our potential to the potential of the site. 

Phase I of the project is Experience - allowing the land to speak for itself, communicating to the viewer its secrets, and revealing  the unseen.  Understanding the site is a crucial part of the project, not only the site but the whole journey getting there. From suburban land, to magnificent skyscrapers, going underneath bridges, to getting to the final destination - the waterfront.  My first impression of the Navy Yard was that it was uninviting and off limits to the public, but as I walked around the land I felt the thirst it had to be revitalized. 

This part of the project is a subjective one each person may feel something completely different. Enjoy the images and be mindful of what you see!