Woodn't have it any other way: Featuring Proof Eyewear

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There are various incidents that bring us back full circle in life. We go after a lot of things, which helps us declutter how we thought our lives should be but as a result we gain better clarity of how our lives are meant to be lived. This post is about eyeglasses, so in clarity I also mean literally;)

I started wearing glasses in second grade and eventually in my second year of grad school I did PRK (similar to lasik, but it’s for people with thin corneas). My vision wasn’t fully restored so I had to wear glasses again. Only this time I wanted glasses that were eco-friendly, and fit my scenario of bold and finely crafted. Trying to avoid plastic frames I found these finely finessed wooden frames (try saying the latter unintended tongue twister five times) by Proof Eyewear.

The founders, similar to my story, also had a cool grandfather that laid the foundation for the 3 brothers to pursue making sustainable-sourced eyewear. Proof not only does magic at their headquarters in Idaho, but also around the world. Their “Do Good Program” has allowed them to provide tsunami relief in Japan, child soldier rehabilitation in Africa, reforestation in Haiti and the list continues, many of which they have travelled to themselves and helped with these various initiatives.

As sustainable thinkers in the design world we ask ourselves the question which material has the lowest environmental impact? How can we choose between one material over another? These questions are answered through a life cycle assessment* of each material and Proof eyewear provides a great assessment of where the materials are sourced from.

Below is a diagram to compare both wooden and cotton-based acetate eyewear, which both score well in the harvesting and end-of-cycle parameters forming a closed loop*. Both materials are sourced from North America, biodegradable*, renewable, and lightweight. 


My glasses showcased below are from the Wood Collection

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I spy "Find your Bliss". Many of Proof's eyewear have motivational messages like this one. 


Woodn't you like to check them out ;) you can find them here. Also, let us know if you'd like to know more about life cycle assessment in the comments or what other topics you'd like us to explore! 

Definition of terms from post: 

Life-cycle assessment: a full analysis of a materials life from extraction, to processing, use, and final disposal. 

Closed loop: a material that is reclaimed and returned to its original form.

Bio-degradable: the ability of a material or object to decompose.