Greenhouse and Coffee Shop Featuring Vault + Vine


When I heard that Falls Flowers (now Vault + Vine) was going to become two of the best things a coffee shop and a greenhouse I was stoked! Vault +Vine's space definitely lived up to my expectations if not more and you get this sense of relief when you enter, especially when you have a whole list of things to do. After all, nature only reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, positively impacts our concentration, and improves our mental health, concentration, and circadian rhythm, so it probably makes sense to integrate it everywhere! 

I always end up buying new plants every time I visit, its too tempting not to with the succulents staring at you with cuteness. 

Vault + Vine is a B Corp, meaning its a business that meets "social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency," basically the best certification out there for all around goodness. 

So what are some of the cool sustainable practices V+V does?  


Almost all their plants and flowers are sourced from local farms, like Norristown, Kensington, and West Philly. If its not local they ensure its sourced ethically and responsibly. 


Their coffee is a closed loop from sourcing it, to making it, and discarding it. Coffee comes from High Point Philly, which is a local ethically-sourced coffee distributor. The lattes taste exquisitely rich and their berry iced tea has a tangy fruity taste if your into that flavor. I personally enjoyed it but I don't think I'll ever be able to replace my love for a nice Syrian cup of tea. 

Their plastic products are compostable and they pretty much don't have a trash can, it's all seriously picked up and composted by Bennett Compost

greenhouse and lights-0951.jpg
skylight and lights-1033.jpg
stools and plants-1005.jpg

Natural daylight beautifully makes its way into the space, which helped make my photos look dreamy. 

flowers and sign-1016.jpg

I've been scrolling through V+V's gallery of wedding florals and it all looks magical. They have professional event designers from the area that help assemble and design your vision of floral arrangements. 


V+V is committed to being hyperlocal by carrying products from the community. These products include: jewelry, candles, jams, sauces, essential oil sprays, herbal soaps, pots, mugs, linens, and more. 

seating area-1053.jpg

I definitely have an obsession over local coffee shops but that admiration grew more by the inclusion of a greenhouse. To visit V+V click here.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you have a lovely Sunday!