(Ph)rance or Philly: A Visit to the Chanticleer Garden

water and shell-0508.jpg

      Today is Earth Day, or any day really! I recently learned that Philadelphia is among the top states to control stormwater runoff, and has done so by creating 1,100 acres of green infrastructure. The projected plan is to reach 10,000 greened acres to reduce overflow by 1.7 billion gallons of stormwater! The best thing about stormwater management other than reducing contaminants into our rivers and streams is that it creates biodiversity, reduces infiltration strain, improves neighborhood well-being, and ensures resiliency.

       A few weeks ago I visited another gem located in Paoli County  (the first being Wharton Esherick’s Museum), and have been captivated by its beauty ever since. Chanticleer Garden, formerly owned by the Rosengartens, provides a series of gardens that overflow with ideas and the holistic approach to stormwater management. These gardens include the Tennis Court (yup, a tennis court turned garden), Ruin, Gravel, Pond, Teacup Gardens, Chanticleer terraces, and Asian Woods. As you review the images, you might think I took a tour in Ph-rance instead of Philly ;) 


Here is a list of environmental initiatives Chanticleer does:

  • Waste Management: Reuse, Recycle, and Compost

  • Energy: Produce 20% of their energy through the use of photovoltaics

  • Water Management: Cisterns capture 50,000 gallons of water for irrigation and recharge. No joke those cisterns were huge! Also, a creek was unleashed from a pipe to roam freely in the woods. Oh and their drinking fountains allow overflowing water to feed the adjacent plants. 

  • Soil Care: Soil is fertilized organically and with integrated pest management, meaning very limited or no use of pesticides.

  • Natural Habitat: They have planted over a hundred trees on site and surrounding areas.

  • Furniture: Made from wood on site.

trail 2-0532.jpg
greenhouse and bench-0840.jpg
plant thriving-0875.jpg

Once again Happy Earth Day today and everyday! It’s finally feeling more like Spring this weekend, and I hope you have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the bountiful beauty of our world. If you have a chance to visit Chanticleer Garden today, they are open from 10am to 5pm, you can visit their website here