rikumo: a Japanese Concept Store

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"rikumo" is a Japanese Concept store based in Philadelphia. I remember randomly walking past it and being drawn to its mysterious minimal facade and its exquisite objects seen from the window. Walking into the store is just pure bliss! 

After my matcha-tasting experience at United By Blue I knew I owed a blog post dedicated to featuring - rikumo. The store itself provides a full sensory experience from the incense fusion in the air, to the visually pleasing ensemble of objects, the sound of water, and their tea sampling option.  I have this huge admiration for Japan's capability to beautifully integrate ancient craftsmanship with modern elements in all aspects of design, and that is exactly what "rikumo" showcases. 

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The store provides the ultimate inspiration for a lifestyle centered around health and wellness, with sustainable values effortlessly met.  Houseware, office supplies, linens, hygiene products, and the tea selection are all carefully selected in Japan. Many of their object's have a great history and their stories can be found on their webpage here. While every object in the store has easily become my favorite,  I will narrow it down to the wood veneer note pad (I have this secret obsession of collecting wood veneer, I don't know why I just do) made by the Kizara Project. The Kizara Project aims to eradicate plastic made products and sustainably manage forests in Japan! 

Other cool products include:

Binchotan Charcoal: to purify and cleanse your water

Sasawashi Fabric: a well-rounded fabric made from the Kumazasa plant that has anti-allergen and anti-bacterial qualities 

. Tsumiki Stacking Blocks: not your average stacking blocks made for the lover of Japanese architecture. 

061518_wood veneer-2231.jpg
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For the full Japanese culture experience, monthly workshops are held in-store. Workshops range from collaborations with local businesses, artists, and creatives. The beautiful floral arrangement shown below is made by gaminefloral celebrating the decay of flowers. 

tea b-w-2293.jpg

To further mesmerize over rikumo's aesthetic visit their website here.