Exploring the Barnes Arboretum

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The Barnes Arboretum took me by surprise as I've driven through city avenue many times and had no idea this cool place existed there. It's a 12 acre piece of land with 2500 varieties of wood and herbaceous plants. The arboretum includes a collection of lilacs, peonies, rare trees, and magnolia once curated by Laura Barnes. This location also used to be where Albert Barnes's collection of artwork was displayed. Now the artwork is relocated to the new Barnes Foundation Museum located in center city. You can enter the Arboretum paying whatever you wish, or enjoy a guided tour for $10. 

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The Arboretum was filled with quirky, or #superordinarylife details, that just made life more interesting. Every detail and corner at the Barnes Arboretum easily met a pattern from a book I've recently been reading called "A Pattern Language." The book includes 253 patterns that provide a proper poetic guide to designing a city, town, and buildings. Some of those patterns that were seen at the Barnes are "ornament, warm colors, pools of light, things from your life." 

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Not only did the Barnes provide a playful vibe but a a whole garden dedicated to medicinal plants. The garden included an array of aromatherapy, homeopathy, and traditional Chinese, Native American, and European plants. There were signs that warned the consumption of some poisonous plants and all I could think of was the "Into the Wild" movie protagonist's fate. 

He causes to grow for you thereby herbage, and the olives, and the palm trees, and the grapes, and of all the fruits; most surely there is a sign in this for a people who reflect.
— Surah Al-Nahl (16:11)
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