Symphony of Lights: Sunrise Carriage Trail


Walking into Sunrise Carriage Trail is a glorious symphony of light and shadows playing against a gravel canvas. This place provides the harmonious essence of West Virginia's flora and fauna, that's been a hidden trail for me for years between Bridge Road and a Georgian Mansion. Its palette of lights meanders with leaf imprints on rocks and a memoir of a haunting past. The trail was originally built for oxen hauling construction stone and is now made into a leisure, "garden of the five senses" site. 

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As a tree and plant beginner amateur, seeking to learn more about WV's flora, I gathered a list of what covers the Carriage Trail grounds. The trail is lined with black gum, sourwood, japanese dogwood, sweet gum, and tulip poplar gifted from the Kanawha Garden Club.

The next bit is me geeking about tree's sustainable benefits so you can read on or enjoy the photos instead. To further illustrate the beauty and benefit of the trees listed, there's a really neat National Tree Benefit Calculator that quantifies carbon sequestration, stormwater interception, and pollution absorption.

For example a 10" diameter sourwood tree's yearly benefits include:

- intercepting 751 gallons of stormwater runoff 

- conserving 118 kW hours of electricity

- absorbing 445 pounds of carbon

Native plants and species help determine a lot about a place's character and needs - it certainly has become my go to place for stress-relief and inspiration. 

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He who created all things in the best way and He began the creation of man from clay
— Surah Al-Sajdah (32:7)
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Whether you want to hike the trail, reflect, or get inspiration for a project, Carriage Trail is where the symphony awaits you.