What is Moushmoush?

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

What is Moushmoush?

Moushmoush is the Arabic term for the tangy, sweet fruit called apricot.

Scientific Name: (Prunus Armeniaca) 


It wasn’t until last year that I really wanted to find out about my family’s last name. I get asked quite often if I wonder why my last name is repeated twice but I finally asked my uncle in Syria - why Moushmoush?

*A quick fact, Syrian last names define a family’s ancestral trade.

He replied to me with this interesting explanation.

  • Once upon a time, there was a great grandfather that only cultivated the Moushmoush tree. His reasoning was that none of its anatomy could go to waste. The skin could be used for dough (I have yet to find that recipe). It can be made into jam or amr-ideen (an apricot drink made especially during Ramadan). Its hardshell seed would be used for igniting firewood and lastly the seed itself could be consumed (however it does contain cynaide so I wouldn’t recommend its consumption).

Health Benefits

Besides being a delicious fruit (no bias ;)) it has these great health benefits:

-      Improves heart health

-      Improves metabolism

-      Treats earaches

-      Cures fever

-      Treats skin diseases

-      Prevents cancer

-      Treats anemia

-      Reduces cholesterol levels

-      Strengthens bones

 *Minerals apricots contain are Vitamin A,C, K, E, calcium, phosphorous, manganese, iron, and copper.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did learning and writing about apricots! I plan on sharing more posts on plants, flowers, and anything horticulture related. Stay tuned!