Lavender Love


Lavender is one hardy plant that survives anywhere! The fact that it survives on strip-mined land is pretty cool and just the perfect solution to making use of the unfortunately depleted land. I had the pleasure of attending Cultivating Appalachia this weekend. Its an off-shoot organization from the Green Mining Business Model , an experimentation model to see how feasible lavender farming is. If it sounds familiar I wrote about it in the Appalachian Ice Cream post. So why grow lavender and what are the benefits?

Facts about Lavender

Common Name: Lavender

Botanical Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

  • I was amazed to find out that there are 45 species of lavender with over 450 varieties.

  • Lavender originated from the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean region.

  • In ancient Egypt, lavender was used as part of the process for mummifying bodies.

  • Lavender plants don’t produce seeds, propagation is done by cutting a segment of the plant. I'm currently propagating a lavender cutting I received from one of the farmers at the meeting. They kindly gave me clippings from three different species. Will let you know how the propagation goes, first time growing lavender!

Benefits of Lavender

  • Lavender’s many uses include essential oils, tea, baking, decoration, soap, candles, pretty much anything you would like it in. It’s currently growing in my room, permeating a fresh soothing smell.

  • Studies show that it can reduce anxiety, depression, intestinal problems, insomnia, headaches, and menstrual pain.

If you don’t have a green thumb or get worried about causing a plant to die, lavender is a great plant for beginners. It’s hardy and drought-tolerant so can be neglected and still survive. Spring is around the corner indeed, and get ready to become a lavender lover!

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