Montreal, Quebec: Travel Guide + Photo Diary

Montreal, Quebec was our choice of destination this summer thinking it would be a cooler climate than most locations. We definitely thought wrong but the liveliness and enchantment of this city made up for it. As you go through the photos you'll notice a common theme - yup, nature everywhere, of course (where your constantly in a state of thikr)! 

Mount Royal

Mount Royal definitely had me in a ROYAL state of mind. There's a definitive line seen between the trees that succumb to become a concrete jungle. Cities need to do better in becoming green, but I found that Montreal has set a goal to plant 300,000 trees as part of their sustainable development plan. So hopefully a couple years from now the skyline will be filled with more green patches.


Montreal Botanical Garden

Even exit signs look fancier in French! When you research "Montreal Botanical Gardens" you'll find an image of a huge sculptural lady that to our dismay wasn't at the gardens during our visit. However, the garden was filled with many areas for your inner childhood to come out. 



Feel like a scene from Jurassic park yet?!  The biosphere was designed for a world expo and later gifted to the city of Montreal. Today its an environmental museum highlighting various global issues with a focus on how to design a better eco-future. I definitely highly recommend this place!


Kampai Garden

Visiting this garden-themed restaurant was so last minute. I wanted to see what I would find if I searched nature-themed interiors and I found this cool place. 

kampai garden-6149.jpg

St. Lawrence River

Our airbnb was far from the liveliness of the city but was conveniently placed near the St. Lawrence River. Highly recommend to walk or bike along the edge. Oh and you can raft, which we unfortunately didn't have time to do. 


Old Port

Ziplining was the activity I participated in at Old Port but didn't get an image of. So here's a photo of the Ferris Wheel. 


Jet boat

Only #superordinarylife shenanigans here. 


nature center

This place was quite far but such a nice neighborhood park! My mom and I felt like this park could easily be implemented anywhere. Activities included: canoeing, animal petting, picnicking, performing, and leisurely enjoying the gardens (basically all the great things you could do on a weekend).   


Quebec city

The GrayLine bus was a great suggestion from friends that takes you on a one-day trip to Quebec from Montreal. Although we would have liked to spend more time at the Montmorency Falls than the 15 minute allotted time provided in the itinerary (so my suggestion would be to rent a car and drive the two hours to enjoy a longer time at the falls.) 

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